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Kuala Lumpur, 25 August 2022 - KL SKETCH NATION (KLSN) has collaborated with Stadium Merdeka to hold its 50th Sketchwalk in the iconic building. The event is held in

tandem with Malaysia's 65th Merdeka Day celebration on 31 August.

The NGO expects a total of 30 people to participate in this fun sketchwalk. All participants are required to gather outside of the stadium at 2pm where they will be taken around different areas for two hours to immortalise the building on paper.

This 50th Sketchwalk aims to remind us of how Stadium Merdeka is one of the most important buildings in Malaysian history. It was the site of The Federation of Malaya's formal declaration of independence by Malaysia's first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman back on 31 August 1957. It was later used as a site of the proclamation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963.

KLSN also hopes to make Malaysians appreciate the stadium's architectural wonders. It was designed by architect Stanley Edward Jewkes and currently operated by Perbadanan Stadium Merdeka.

The sports venue have hosted many major sporting events such as the 1977 Southeast Asian Games and the annual Merdeka Football Tournament (Pesta Bola Merdeka) as well as the fight between the legendary American boxer Muhammad Ali and Joe Bugner on 1 July 1975. It also has a seating capacity of 20,000.

Also complementing the view of Stadium Merdeka is the Merdeka 118 Tower which is expected for completion by mid-2023. It will be the tallest tower in the South-East Asian region measuring 678.9m tall with 118 storeys.

Only those who have RSVP their attendance are allowed to enter the premises and participate in the event. Those who wish to RSVP can do so by clicking this link

About KL Sketch Nation

KLSN was founded by Ahmad Hakym Ahmad Hilmy in 2014 and started out as a community for sketching enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur. It later evolved into an art movement after it was officially registered as an NGO which aims to spread the sketching vibes and the importance of arts in Malaysia.

It has also conducted other art-related events such as its flagship annual “Ramadan Sketch Challenge”, Coffee Painting workshops and seminars.

For more information regarding the sketchwalk or KLSN, please check out our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can also contact our representatives:

Azalea Azuar

Director or Publicity & Public Relations

Instagram: Leaazpens

Melinda Wong

Director of Strategic Communications

017-641 8601

Zulaikha Razali

Director of Event Management

014-971 5737

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