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Kuala Lumpur, 3 November 2022 - A total of 32 members from KL Sketch Nation's (KLSN) #bangsapelakar have got their artworks on display at "The Art of Healing" art exhibition.

The exhibition was organised by the mental health awareness platform My We're In Progress Healing (My WIP Healing) and art shop Nak Seni and was held last weekend on Oct 29 and 30 in Muzium Telekom Malaysia (Muzium TM), KL. Each of these artworks was created two weeks ago (Oct 16) during an art therapy session between My WIP Healing and KLSN. The participants were told to paint their artwork based on their mental state, which was assessed by a module provided. After the session, KLSN held another Sketchwalk at Muzium TM. Each artwork is priced at RM350 and it will be available for KLSN's next exhibition at Sungai Wang Plaza on Nov 12.

The Art of Healing was held in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month which falls every October and aims to raise awareness of mental health and break the stigma in society. It also shines the light on how art can be used as a form to relieve mental health problems such as stress and anxiety.

To accompany the exhibition, there were a few activities that were held throughout the weekend which included workshops, mental health experience sharing, group art sessions, mental health film screenings, community performances, and yoga. The exhibition was also held together with Temu Weekends's weekly events which include food vendors and fun activities.

Other partners involved were Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (Yayasan TM), Awareness Against Suicide (AWAS), We & I Art, Mental Health Film Festival Malaysian and Filamen.

"I hope that this collaboration between mental health advocates and the art community will create more collaborations and programmes after this. These types of programmes need to be continued for everyone's well-being, in terms of mental health and the use of arts," said KLSN President and Founder Ahmad Hakym Ahmad Hilmy.

Although mental health issues are the second biggest health issue affecting Malaysians (those that are mainly affected are between the ages of 16 to 19 years), there is still a huge stigma surrounding the community. The lockdowns held during the Covid-19 pandemic have increased the number of mental health issues in Malaysia by two-fold. This results in more and more Malaysians seeking counselling.


About My WIP Healing

My WIP Healing is a start-up community which focuses on self-healing initiatives between the society. It also collaborates between stakeholders and other organisations to raise awareness on mental health.

It aims to restore balance in our daily life within arts, education, economic, sociology and health values towards an accepting and equal society through the power of social media.

My WIP Healing can be reached through Instagram and Twitter via @mywiphealing

About KL Sketch Nation

KLSN was founded by Ahmad Hakym Ahmad Hilmy in 2014 and started out as a community for sketching enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur. It later evolved into an art movement after it was officially registered as an NGO which aims to spread the sketching vibes and the importance of arts in Malaysia.

It has also conducted other art-related events such as its flagship annual “Ramadan Sketch Challenge”, Coffee Painting workshops and seminars.

For more information regarding the sketchwalk or KLSN, please check out our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @klsketchnation.

You can also contact our representatives:

Azalea Azuar

Director or Publicity & Public Relations

Instagram: Leaazpens

Melinda Wong

Director of Strategic Communications

017-641 8601

Zulaikha Razali

Director of Event Management

014-971 5737

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