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During the student year out in March 2014, AHMAD HAKYM, a student from the Manchester School of Architecture has founded a community group of sketching enthusiast based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and named it ‘Kuala Lumpur Sketch Nation’ or KL SKETCH NATION. This group was formed to host events and activities that brings a manifesto of celebrating the act of ‘sketching’ as an important tool in creative environment towards building a better nation that are more sensitive to their surrounding. The activities involve mainly on urban sketching and celebrate communal events at local level.

The group is solely voluntary based where most of the committee members who runs the group consists of youths from different backgrounds. There are about 20 active committee members that take turns to manage events fortnightly. Most of the events are collaborative with other NGOs, local independent societies as well as the local council. The group builds up their reputation through local events where KLsketchnation held activities in bigger events as part of the main events tentatives.

KLsketchnation started off as just a community of sketching enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur, it was then evolved into an art movement after the group was officially registered as a company with the co-founder SYUKRI SHAIRI and turned KLSketchnation into a social entrepreneur that aims to spread the vibes of sketching and arts to the society. 

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